Spotmask Thickness

This render element determines the volume thickness of objects over their surface.

This information can later be used to add modifications like transparency or coloration to objects that considers their volume instead of being uniform.


  • Quality

    The accuracy whith which Spotmask determines the thickness. If the value is too low it will result in visible color banding in the output.

  • Max Depth

    When color clamping is used this is the maximum depth Spotmask will consider when determining the thickness. Thicker objects will all have the same thickness value of 1.0.

  • Clamp Color Space

    When this option is enabled thickness that goes past the given maximum depth value will be rendered as pure white.

    When this option is disabled Spotmask will not clamp the values and will provide accurate thickness regardless of depth. In this case the output will contain high range data beyond a color value of 1.0.