Spotmask UVW Pass

The UVW pass stores the corresponding texture coordinates of the surfaces in your render. You can use this data during compositing to replace textures on surfaces without having to render the whole scene again.

3ds Max contains a G-Buffer element that offers similar functionality but Spotmask UVW supports a few additional features that are missing from the G-Buffer:

  • Spotmask allows you render any map channels you want, G-Buffer only supports channel 1.

  • The G-Buffer only renders the U and V channel. Spotmask supports the W channel, too.

  • The G-Buffer always smoothes the UV map. This creates incorrect data on UV chart borders. Spotmask allows you to generate accurate maps that are not distorted by smoothing.


  • Map Channel

    Select the texture map channel you want to render into your UVW pass.

  • Output

    This specifies how the texture coordinates are mapped to the 3 color channels of the output image.

    The default corresponds to the most widely used configuration and most software that utilizes UVW maps also includes options to swap channels on demand, so you’ll rarely need to adjust these options at all.